EnergyRetreat is a life altering holistic experience and inspiring adventure where people of all backgrounds leave behind life’s demands and expectations and return to their true nature. It’s a chance to reclaim, restore and rejoice in their magic, mystery, strength and inner beauty.


Build stamina, strength and flexibility in all 4 bodies. Emotionally confident, Mentally focused, Physically fit, Spiritually connected.

Discover who you are at your core-what you desire, require, and deserve.

Release emotional baggage in the form of past hurts, fears, burdens and pent-up emotions.

Be freeing yourself of victimization and being compromised.

Harness your body’s intelligence and healing capacity.

Be motivated to Love your body not punish it and effectively reach your fitness goals.

This is Camp is all about what’s right with you, not what’s wrong with you!

Suitable for all ages, include accommodation, a full board gentle detox meal plan, daily fitness to open & strengthen your body, mountain or coastal hike to a meditation spots plus, a series of educational health & anti-aging workshops with our team.


Each day begins with a cleansing cup of special herbal tea or water to help you slowly awaken & kick start your digestive system. Then it’s off to your morning stretch class to gently open your body & senses to the day.

Feeling refreshed, we are ready to serve your delicious detox breakfast before you head off to your body toning session and travel.

On your return, a fresh & healthy lunch is served to replenish your nutrients & energy. After lunch the remainder of the afternoon is free to relax by the pool, get a massage treatment for shape your body or attend our educational health & anti aging workshops with our team.

The day draws to a close over a super tasty detox supper with chats with your fellow guests. Fall asleep with a satisfied smile on your face knowing that you’re body is growing healthier & healthier day by day!

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