Setting your mind to something can make… or break a goal.


You know the scenario: You resolved to lose those last 5 kilograms just before New Year’s, but it’s now July and you’ve gained 5 instead. What happened to your goal as the months went by?

If you’re tired of watching your would’ve-been achivements fly away with every passing month, here’s an important tip from #Energyretreat:

That is how you get better at anything – you stop dabbling and you start taking it serious. Your pledge yourself to a craftsman-like approach of new skill development. You must commit. It’s a mental shift.

As soon as I made that decision, as soon I resolved to take meditation as serious as I take me exercise and healthy eating, my progress accelerated because I accepted that I was willing to put in the time and sacrifice to improve./SanRay, Wellness Coach, Energyretreat

Your prescription the next time you feel like giving up: Try, and Try Again!


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