Bootcamp WILL NOT Help You Lose Weight… (guess why!)

Have you ever been to a boot camp session?

Do you know what boot camp even is?

Well, right now it is a growing trend because, one, it is affordable. Two, you can go with all your friends and try holding each other accountable and three, there is usually one or two people leading the boot camp, so you can slack a little bit! (NOT a good thing!) However, what you are not being assisted with in boot camps is efficient resistance training and nutrition! Which are the two main components in weight loss and muscle tone!

Boot camp workouts focus only around cardiovascular training! Cardio is NOT bad, it has many health benefits, but too much cardio is counter-productive when a goal of weight loss and fat loss are in mind! Boot camps aren’t all BAD, in addition to a weight training regime and a great nutritional plan!

Bootcamp program at our retreats is a shape up trainings!

That’s why I highly recommend You to choose the right Retreat/Camp Program for your goals.

The pre-camp consultations, contact and preparation ensure that not only are existing levels of fitness considered in the meticulous planning of the activity schedule, but personalities, goals, likes, dislikes and any fears or anxieties that may, in the past, have created a barrier to someone’s ability to participate in more challenging pursuits.Please! message me:

I offer you Detox Program, Tone Classes, Retreat and Spa Days, Bootcamp Program or Weight Loss Camps and Mental&Holistic Sessions.

SunRay, Wellness Coach



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