Fit By 40!

Women are super busy in their 30s; they’re usually raising kids or kicking butts in their career.

“They really need to put (the focus) back on themselves to make a smooth transition to their 40s.” #SunRay(43years old), Wellness Coach

The best thing to do is a preventative attack in your 30s. It’s going to be much, much harder to lose the weight in your 40s.

There’s nothing magic about the age of 40. But in the premenopausal years, a woman’s sex hormones start to change. The body produces less healthy estrogen, and more estrone — a type of estrogen that comes from your body’s fat tissue.

More estrone leads to insulin resistance and a loss of muscle mass. And with their hormones going crazy, women start to crave carbohydrates and sweets.

I see evidence of it all the time in my practice — women over 40 who are attending spin class every day and restricting calories, frustrated because they can’t drop five pounds. After 40 metabolism slows and the pounds don’t come off as easily.

Launch your mission: “Fit By 40!”

But starting a new lifestyle it’s easier said than done.

Weight training needs to be a priority for women before and after 40. More muscle leads to a higher calorie-burn — essential when your metabolism decides to limp along.
Also important is eating a healthy diet. Vegetables, fruits and grains should be spaced out between several servings of lean protein.
All about these needs you can learn and try in our special Women’s @Energyretreats I would be happy be your wellness coach as I’ve taken 40 into my hands in time!
IMG_2769 copy
SunRay, @energyretreat

Good Vibes, Divas! Yours, SunRay, Wellness Coach @Energyretreat

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