Searching for the pause button?

Google has recently introduced yoga and meditation services for their staff, and the service is already fully booked.

Life is all about counter balances, and the truth is that all of us, to one degree or another, are out of balance. You might feel that you’re overweight; you might feel lonely; you might feel you haven’t accomplished what you wanted to achieve before you hit your forties. For each of these imbalances, we seek a counter balance. It might be a weight-reduction product, a dating site, or a Harley Davidson.

Tiny clues — what we call small data (with Martin Lindstrom )— reveal these balances and counter balances. During visits to consumers’ homes, trained observers see evidence in seemingly insignificant observations. As one example, all our homes are centered on a “perception room”. If you find a large, bold, colourful painting hanging in the perception room, you can be sure the owner possesses a lot of self-confidence. If you find a large bookshelf in the perception room, there’s a very good chance the owner is compensating for his lack of education. If you find antiques in the perception room, the owner may hope to present a sophisticated impression.

So, what are the small data trends that provide clues about our needs and desires? We’re reading more books than ever, and we’re reaching for longer, thicker books. We are lining up for cruise-line holidays. We flock to farmer’s markets. We watch more films and attend more concerts than ever before.

What do these small data observations tell us about the imbalances in our lives?

Though we may be rushing headlong, we’re actually all searching for the pause button. We may be addicted to speed, but it’s slowness we really crave. Our addictions may be screaming, “Hurry!” — but we really yearn for is the chance to reboot.

SunRay, Wellness coach #energyretreat


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