MAY 22-28, 2016



Mental Health Retreat offers you a comprehensive, deeply therapeutic mental and emotional wellness experience, where you return to freedom from those negative, limiting thoughts and burdensome stuck emotions…an experience that takes your back to your true self, to peace, to harmony, clarity, love, connection, stability and relaxation.

As well as this, Mental Retreat a Health Retreat with Heart, serving only 5, or 6 guests at a time for the most holistic, personal, tailored and comprehensive healing retreat experience in @EnergyTravelCamp.

“A must ! The best way I can describe this particular health retreat is: transformative.” SunRay, wellness manager at #energyretreat


*Five (5) nights accommodation in our villa

*All spa cuisine – includes breakfast, lunch, dinner

*Therapeutic Massage

*Chakra Balance and Aura Cleansing Sessions

*ZenFit sessions (functional fitness and mindfulness workout that builds flexibility, strength and mobility and leaves you feeling centered and calm)

*Guided Meditation (3x 30mins sessions)

*Art and Counseling

*Healing & Recovery Consultations (2x 1 hour consultations)


*Complimentary optional morning fitness sessions

*Complimentary optional afternoon meditation sessions

*Access to all facilities

*Caters to those with special dietary requirements

*Selection of herbal teas and tonics

*Healthy gourmet ‘superfood’ snacks & juice bar


  • 1 Person Private Room
  • Single occupancy only
  • 1 x Queen bed
  • Ensuite Bathroom

Everybody is different so essentially every retreat program we create has a unique signature approach to each person’s reasons for retreating, life situation and circumstances.

Book your mental and emotional wellness retreat today to benefit from a better life moving forward, rather than letting the momentum of the current obstacles get any bigger and more painful.

Reservations & Enquiries: energytravelcamp(skype) or alternatively you can email enquiries to Manager @Sunray:


Instagram/ energytravelcamp

#energyretreat #sunray




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